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A divorce involves much more than signing divorce papers.


Mediation may offer a quicker, less expensive, and often less stressful resolution to your personal injury case.

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About William Baldridge

William Baldridge | Mediator at Baldridge
Mediation Service LLC

While attending Regent University School of Law a statement
from R.A. Baruch and J.P. Folger, “Words of the Wise”, became
my Mediation mission statement:

We have come to believe that mediation’s greatest value lies in its
potential not only to find solutions to people’s problems but also to
change people themselves for the better, in the very midst of conflict.
Time and again, we have seen people change in small but significant
way through their participation in this process.These changes occur
because, through mediation, people find ways to avoid succumbing to
conflict’s most destructive pressures: to act from weakness rather than
strength and to de-humanize rather than acknowledge each other.